Faith and Fear

Feed your Fears, and your Faith will starve: Feed your Faith, and your Fears will.

Max Lucado

Fear is one of the primary weapons that “the enemy” wields against humanity – it is oftentimes an agonizing burden.  And many of us struggle mightily with a consistent lump of anxiety in the pit of the solar plexus. Fear manifests in our lives in many ways; it strangles us emotionally and disempowers us at a core level.

When we are “in fear-gear,” we cannot see solutions – only problems, and they are intensely magnified. We fail to remember times of Grace in the past, when we were rescued from the jaws of the lion, frequently at the proverbial 11th hour. And most importantly, when we are “in fear,” we fail to recognize a Creator, who is infinitely bigger than the thing(s) that we fear.

So, what is the solution for this plague that destroys our hope, and leaves us hurting and weak? The answer is FAITH. And all that is required of us is Faith the size of a mustard seed; a belief (however frail), in a compassionate and loving God, Who will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves – Who will reveal the next best, the next right thing, that we must do.

I am no stranger to fear and overwhelming anxiety. I have had to battle it for much of my life. I am certain that its origins can be traced to a childhood that was harsh, and at times, it utterly shattered my Spirit. But I do not believe that the origins are relevant any longer. What matters, is that I have come to know whenever fear rears its ugly head, I will be guided to do that next best, that next right thing. And while I cannot claim to be entirely fearless, I can claim that now, I fear less.

Today I can rest in the knowledge that whenever I am feeling fearful and anxious, that next best, that next right action, will be revealed.

© John G. 2021

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