Check out these success stories of real clients who have been with the Gualtieri Group for years.

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John has been my Real Estate business coach for 10 years. If you are looking for a cookie cutter one size fits all coach he is not your guy. It is not all real estate for John. He has a very deep personal relationship with each of his clients. We all consider him a close friend on top of being our accountability coach. Thankful!
Joe Ward
RE/MAX United, The Joe Ward Team
I hired John to be my Coach in 2007, after the market hit bottom in The Chicago Area. Since then I have become one of the top producing Agents in my marketplace. We’re on pace to close over 150 transactions this year. John’s counsel has been priceless!
Thomas Domasik
RE/MAX in The Park
I had the privilege of having John Gualtieri as my coach, thanks to the owner of the real estate office I serve. I've been in business development my entire working career. However, John has imparted so much wisdom during our coaching sessions. I love his approach and recommendations to begin cultivating a relationship with our potential clients by asking good and specific questions vs. telling! This approach has been invaluable. Also, the 'soft pause' is another recommendation that has definitely proven positive results. John is a great coach, mentor, listener, and this list goes on and on. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to John, I have exceeded all of my goals.
Sherri Lomas
Spencer Properties
I have been coaching with John since the first day I got my real estate license in 2009. On a personal level, I find John to be a rare breed of real estate coach who is actually 100% vested in his clients success. There are many coaching sessions where he knows more about my business than I do. On a professional level, I can point to MANY different transactions that I would not have closed were it not for John's expertise in sales skills. I would give him 10 stars if Google had that many.
Ken Abramowitz
The Ken Abramowitz Group
Since I began Coaching with John, my business has grown significantly. I am now among the top 20 Teams for RE/MAX of The Carolinas. I could not have made the great strides in my career without John’s Coaching; he keeps me on track and focused.
Dolly Helbert
RE/MAX United
Since beginning work with John, my production has exploded! Not only do I thank John for what he is helping me to become and achieve, but my wife of 30 years thanks him too!
Ed McNally
EXP Realty
John is not only my Coach, but a trusted friend. As a high producing 
Agent, who was struggling with time management, expense control, and quality of life issues, I needed a Coach who would have my best interests at heart – John is that Coach! He has always been there for me.
Lynn Murphy-Dickerscheid
RE/MAX Elite
John has brought Clarity to my Real Estate Practice, and has helped me keep my eye on the ball. The results speak for themselves, as I now rank in the top 25 Agents for Re/Max of Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Tom Smeland
RE/MAX 440
I generally do not extend the courtesy of a personal testimonial very often, as I am reluctant to endorse other people and their services. But I am happy to say that John is definitely an exception to that rule! I have had other Coaches before John, but I believe that the biggest difference is the fact that I know that John truly cares – not just about my business, but about me!
Michael Schuster
RE/MAX Preferred
Since I started working with John my sales conversions have increased significantly which has had a tremendous impact on my business and my personal life in general The techniques, information and strategies John has shared with me have given me the ability to see substantial growth in my business. I have recommended John to other agents and I will continue to do so because I am living proof that his experience and knowledge will make you money. Thank you John for all your help!
Annette Holt
RE/MAX United
John is truly amazing! I was with another coaching program for 6 years, however, John is very different. He has the ability of listening to my needs and wants and helping me fulfill them. With my  other program, I complained about the same shortfalls in my business for the entire 6 years. Those issues were never really addressed or met. John is there for me when I need him – I don’t really have to wait for my next call. He is on top of his game!
Janice Rosenberg
RE/MAX United
The most important quality that John has brought to my business is his wealth of knowledge and years of actual real estate experience. He has openly shared his success techniques which I have been incorporating into my business with positive results. John has also openly and honestly shared his failures so that I would not have to repeat them. John’s positive nature and cheerleading abilities have helped me keep focused on the positives and not let the day-to-day negatives drag on me. If you are looking for a coach to help move your business to the next level (whatever level that might be) you need to hook your wagon to John Gualtieri’s star!
Diana Hodgson
Keller Williams Real Estate
I have been coaching with John for about 8 years now, and find great value in the time I spend with him. He is a wealth of knowledge & experience that is irreplaceable. He has helped me grow both personally & professionally. He has taught me so much, but most importantly about running my practice as a business. This has taken my sales & production to a level I never imagined!
Jillian Olson-Hugo
Coldwell Banker River Valley
Being coached and mentored by John has literally changed my life.  He took me from a below average agent to an above average agent in less than 6 months! The value of the his coaching and mentoring is unmatched. John takes a personal interest in me and sees to it all aspects of my business and personal life are in line.  He is stern when needed and easy going when appropriate.  Much obliged to John and the Gualtieri Group.
Gregory Martire
United Real Estate
John has been extremely helpful to me over the years that we have been together. He has guided me through some interesting adventures, dealing with sellers and buyers. He has tremendous knowledge and skills as a Coach, but more importantly, he is an exceptional and loving human being.
Ken Oliver
Dunes Marketing Group
John is an invaluable member of my team.  He has been my coach since 2009, and my business has grown exponentially since then.  John is totally tuned in to the market place and to me in a way that is nothing short of amazing!  He always knows exactly what I need to know or to do at any given time - his guidance is always 'spot on'!  Thanks to John, I am very close to reaching my goal of $1 Million in closed commissions this year.  I feel truly blessed to have John in my life!
Christine Richardson
Weichert Realtors
I have had the pleasure of working and knowing my Coach, John Gualtieri, for over 7 years.  Since working with John, I can honestly say that I have more than doubled my production and have, year over year, had steady and bountiful increases.  We are on track to close over 100 transactions and for the past 2 years have controlled the #1 market share for my marketplace.  Through John’s guidance and direction I have been able to consistently be recognized as one of the Top 20 agents in Central Massachusetts.  Prior to John I had more than a handful of Coaches, and all would be reading from a book and then after a year, then did not know what to do. .  John has walked the walk and talked the talk and has been in the exact same positions and situations that I am constantly in.   He is one of my dearest and closest friends and confidants, yet we have never met in person.  I can say that I am truly blessed to have him in my life and consider him and intricate part of my company and life.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who truly wants change, but more importantly, is truly ready for change!
Joshua Licoe
Lioce Properties
As a team, we have seen in ourselves an increased focus on “what works” for our business thanks to Coach John.  He brings clarity and focus.   John has been adept at weaving together our individual strengths with prudent business practices.  Our sales volume has increased tremendously under his tutelage.   He provides an excellent return on investment!
Chuck Hinton and Cindy Leonard
RE/MAX United
I've had the great fortune of having John as a coach since 2007. Last year I was the top individual agent in my large Philadelphia office. John is truly a one of a kind coach. He has been there for me every step of the way. He is a true friend and gives me 110% of his wisdom, humor and enthusiasm every time we talk. Thanks, John!
Carol Diament
Coldwell Banker Preferred
John is an authentic & caring coach who not only inspires me to achieve higher goals but helps me to stay focused and forward- moving . Unlike other coaches I have worked with who have tried to make me follow the “company plan”, John clearly individualizes his coaching to my needs and personality,  and makes me feel as though he is truly vested in my success and achievements. I know that my team and I will continue to increase our production under his guidance and leadership.
Mindy Oberhardt
RE/MAX United
I have been working with John since 1987. First as an Investor, then as a Partner and Realtor. John's extensive knowledge in all aspects of real estate is what truly sets him apart from other coaches. His ability to keep you focused on the goals that have been set will enable anyone with the desire to exceed to become successful. I am blessed to say that John is not only my coach but a friend for life.
Nick Ciliberto
RE/MAX Action Realty
When I first hired John as a coach, I was concerned about the investment I would be making and wondered if I would get a good return on that investment.  Two years later I know that the return is incredible!  Not only has he helped me grow my team to $1,000,000 in GCI, but he has suggested many practical income producing ideas.  More importantly, he has coached me through two of my greatest life challenges and I am not sure how I would have coped with them without his guidance and support and love.  John is funny and smart and he has great business acumen.   He speaks from real experience in our industry and he coaches in a way that fits the real world, not the theoretical one.  I look forward to our coaching sessions and always walk away from them with new ideas and perspective.
Jennifer Spencer
Spencer Properties
Having John as our coach has given us a road map to stay on course, and not wander down dead-end roads, that take your energy and money. In a coaching relationship, you always worry that your coach's business goals will match with your values. Our working partnership with John has been a match made in heaven! Not only do we appreciate his business knowledge from having been a high-producing agent and broker, but we esteem his life values. 
Ginger Lingo
Internet Home Realty
Coach John came to my rescue about 10 years ago. My story is pretty typical. I had the skill sets, but no direction. I was ranked around 150th in the rosters. I was also overdrawn at the bank, my credit was 460, and I was driving a 90s conversion van and telling clients my car was in the shop. With Coach John’s guidance, I am now in the top 5 in my market, and I have just paid off my home. I am not sure what I would do without him. He tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear, and I feel we all need “that person” in our lives. Finally, the best part... He has become a dear friend, who has proven to always have my back!
Bobby Johnson
30 A Local Properties
I have been working with Coach John for approximately 10 years now.  I consider John as a business partner in his coaching, as well as a Friend. I have been in the business for 32 years, and his coaching helps keep me focused on what I know I need to be doing, as well as other creative ideas to get me to that next level. John always has time for my Team members in their challenges as well. Besides the business coaching, the personal coaching on how to still have a personal life, which is very hard to do in this crazy demanding business, and how to become more financially comfortable, has also be a Great asset with John's coaching.
Ron Bruce Jr
John has coached me since early 2015. I am making a professional transition from commercial asset management to residential sales. John’s help and guidance has been invaluable to me. There are so many people out there clambering to sell new, shiny objects – not John. He is well grounded personally and in the business. I have found great comfort in having someone to talk to me about everything from individual transactions to overall positioning. He has taught me so much already about sales techniques. I can’t imagine making this transition without John.
Jim Clark
Authority Real Estate
I hired John in June of 2008 and haven't looked back. John has been a strong force in my business, and I consider him a friend. As a result of John's guidance and accountability, my business has grown 500% since hiring him as my Coach. I have a team now, and my finances and quality of life have never been better. I plan to keep John for as long as I am in business. 
Will Penney
Penney Real Estate
John has been my Real Estate coach now for 7 years, and I can't say enough good things about him!  I hired him 3 years into my career after closing 40 transactions. Last year I closed 163 transactions, while working less hours than I did the year (that I sold 40 homes). Every year since hiring John, my number of closed transactions has increased, but more importantly my net income has also increased!   I now have a small, but efficient team, that consist of 2 assistants and a few buyer specialists. John is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects real estate, and has helped me immensely throughout the years.  If you are looking to take your business to a new level, then you need to reach out to John today. 
Luke Bouman
Home Realty Lakeshore
John Is not only my Coach, but also someone I consider a mentor and a friend. I’ve been coaching with John for the past 5 years and he has fundamentally transformed the way I do business. His coaching has allowed me to grow and learn and constantly strive for the better self. I now work smarter, not harder, and am my production has nearly doubled. John is passionate about what he does and truly cares about your success.
Jessie Banwait
John has been instrumental my personal, business, and Spiritual growth. He helps me to stay focuse, and He has believed in me, when I struggle to believe in myself. I am proud to say that John is my Coach, and I know that I will be with him for many years to come.
Terrilynn Kelley
TKsellshomes of Compass
John hasn’t been just a great Coach over the years, but a true Friend, and a most trusted advisor. His coaching in my Real Estate Business has been tremendous, in helping navigate our ever-changing industry. John's core values, passion, and care, have carried me through the ups and downs in life as well. The bottom-line is that John cares, cares about you and your family, your success in business, but more importantly, in LIFE! He truly has been a God-Send. 
Ray Jones
RE/MAX Advantage
I began Coaching with John about 2 years ago.  I was looking for help to better my listing presentation, and get more leads.  After we talked about everything for a while, John had many suggestions.  We started with my finances, which were really disorganized, and I had no idea of my key numbers.  Getting this setup took some time, but is has really helped.  Then we setup a system to track my sold’s, under contract, actives, and coming soon.  Also, he gave me a simple way of tracking my leads.  All this has helped me so much!  The clarity has been very powerful for my business!  It feels really good to have a grip on everything.  I have to admit I am closing more, and with ease.  He also suggested I hire a transaction coordinator, which I did.  We are now working on listing presentation and lead generation.  Even though I just started with him, I have had two other coach3w in the past.  John really cares and is extremely helpful.  Even though I just started with him, it’s good to have somebody in your corner, who knows the business really well, and can answer questions with conviction.  I look now forward to building my Real Estate Business, and I can't wait to see how the future unfolds!
Tolga Alper
Keller Williams Real Estate
I have worked with many coaches thru the years and none of them have combined the sharp attention to detail on the business side with the empathic sensitivity to the personal side of things as John does. With his help, I have been able to put together the top selling Coldwell Banker team in our market. Better yet, my standard of living is fantastic! I highly recommend John.
Armand Lencheck
Coldwell Banker Howard, Perry, & Walston
John has been an incredible asset to our business but more importantly to our life. He has provided top notch strategy for growing the business and has held us accountable to continue on an upward trajectory of success. However, his greatest asset is his authenticity, generosity and desire for his clients to become not only the best real estate professionals they can be but also the best son, spouse, father, etc.. that they can be as well. We are grateful for Coach John!
Davis Holt
RE/MAX United

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