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Your Core Business

There are many business owners who aspire to owning another business, or businesses. My observation has been that there are very few people who can own more than one business, and succeed in both or all of them. Enthusiastic and well-intentioned individuals often approach me with an “opportunity” – a way in which I could earn significant income in my spare time (and spare time for small business owners is up there with jumbo shrimp and government intelligence!).

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Sticks and Stones

One of my heroes is the late, great Gerald Mann. In one of his sermons, he told the following story:

Many years ago, in a small village in Eastern Europe, an altar boy was assisting a priest at a Catholic Mass. At a critical moment in the service, the little boy dropped the crewet of wine, and the glass shattered all over the floor. The priest cuffed that little boy across the ear and told him, “Leave here and never come back!”

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Words and Intentions

If you would like to discover my defects of character, have lunch with my wife, but make sure that it is a very long, leisurely lunch! But in my defense, failing to keep my word is not among my many shortcomings. My “yes” is my “yes,” and my “no” is my “no.” I cannot claim to have always kept my word over the years, but those transgressions occurred in the very distant past.

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I have a confession to make – many times in the past, I have fallen prey to this thing called “self-sabotage.” I first noticed this tendency when I was selling Real Estate full time. I would attack the marketplace each day with vigor, and do what was necessary to achieve success, and there was always a terrific outcome. For reasons I cannot fully explain, I then proceeded to stop doing those things that had been responsible for my success in the first place.

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Treading Water

Treading water is what a swimmer does in a vertical position to keep his/her head above the surface of the water. Sometimes, a Client will reach out to me because he/she has been treading water (metaphorically speaking), and often, has transitioned to “gulping” water. Things can and do happen in life, and in business, that will cause us to plunge into deep, dark waters – some of them are out of our control, while others are self-inflicted.

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