Intelligent Action

If we are going to wait about for God to act dramatically on our behalf, without taking Intelligent Action, He won’t.

John Gualtieri

I coach a respectable number of businesses and salespeople, and one of my observations has been that those clients who have a strong Spiritual Foundation in their lives fare far better (overall) than those who do not. But even among those who do have this foundation, they often wait about for God to do something dramatic in their lives – for a miracle to occur.

During a coaching session with one of my clients recently, she asked me, were you ever “addicted” to anything, Coach? She caught me off guard and I must admit that my response was disturbing. I told her over the course of my (young) adult life, I had been addicted to forcing outcomes instead of taking Intelligent Action. I failed to do my part and then left the outcomes to God, as I understand Him to be.

What we must realize is that when confronting challenges in life, we are required to take “Intelligent Action.” I have often gently admonished a client who was waiting about for a miracle to occur but was not willing to engage in any thoughtful activity.

I do believe that miracles can and do take place, but I also believe that in most cases those miracles can only manifest when we do our part. We want to be like a laser beam in this wheelhouse, not a shotgun. And when we do our part the outcomes are always good ones, even though they might not be what we wanted, or expected them to be.

When it comes to forcing an outcome, our own best thinking will always create a hot mess. But when we make the choice to engage in intelligent action, Divine intervention will take care of our outcomes, in a manner consistent with our highest good.

Let us refrain from attempting to force outcomes when we are facing a challenge,
no matter how big that challenge might be.

© John G. 2022

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