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Do you want your Business to be Great?

Many good people hire a coach, because they want “things” to change, but are either unwilling to address the defects of character that cause them to struggle, and/or they are constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves.

What we need to understand is that unless we are willing to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves, a coach is not going to have any positive impact in our lives.

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Who Coaches The Coach?

Never assume that Coaches are “above it all.” The truth of the matter is that we are all susceptible to stepping over the line – of engaging in behavior that lacks a moral compass. They, like all of us, need people in their lives who hold them accountable.

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Love is a Verb

Too often, we give no credence to the fact that love is a verb – it is our behavior that is the finest yardstick with which to measure love.

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Faith and Fear

Fear is one of the primary weapons that “the enemy” wields against humanity – it is oftentimes an agonizing burden. And many of us struggle mightily with a consistent lump of anxiety in the pit of the solar plexus. Fear manifests in our lives in many ways; it strangles us emotionally, and disempowers us at a core level.

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Toxic Individualism

We men strive mightily to coney to the world that we are rugged individuals; the “lone ranger” archetype. We wear this mask like a badge of honor, and we believe that we must confront the trials and tribulations of life alone.

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