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Stay in your lane!

In the very distant past, I would often compare my financial productivity with that of other agents or teams in my marketplace. This activity turned out to be a juvenile game that I would never win!

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Ducks or Eagles?

My Core Values (thankfully) compel me to refrain from judging others, but I do miss the mark occasionally. However, I believe that it is entirely appropriate to judge someone’s behavior, versus judging “the person.”

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Precious Resources or Expendable Commodities?

I am continually shocked by the attitude that many so-called “leaders” have toward the people who are under their leadership umbrella. In many instances, these men and women view the people they lead as commodities to be exploited, in a maniacal effort to produce their own insatiable accomplishments and expand their (already) overly inflated egos.

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The Unity of Command

Of the eight helicopters that set out in the early morning twilight to rescue the hostages, two lost their way en route to the target, a third suffered mechanical failure, and a fourth lost control during take-off and crashed. By the time the mission was aborted, eight U.S. Servicemen had died, and dozens more had been injured. An additional six aircraft were left behind, along with classified documents, which ended up in the hands of the Iranian government. Those six aircraft now serve in the Iranian Navy.

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Seek First to Understand

I believe that in our culture, we have been programmed from the time we enter kindergarten to “tell people things,” versus asking them questions. The trouble is that whether we realize it or not (and this next statement may sound harsh), failing to ask questions when we are engaged in a dialogue with someone, and then failing to actively listen to the answers, is the currency of the self-absorbed individual.

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