Precious Resources or Expendable Commodities?

The people under our leadership are precious resources to be developed, not commodities to be exploited.
John Gualtieri

I am continually shocked by the attitude that many so-called “leaders” have toward the people who are under their leadership umbrella.  In many instances, these men and women view the people they lead as commodities to be exploited, in a maniacal effort to produce their own insatiable accomplishments and expand their (already) overly inflated egos.

This toxic attitude is always hidden under a lot of meaningless hype, mostly in the form of hollow mission statements. I’m convinced these “leaders” literally believe that handing down a clump of hyperbole from Mount Olympus is going to create productivity, loyalty, trust, and teamwork in their organizations. 

The most important task of a leader is to clearly articulate a vision for his/her team, in which every team member has a dog in the fight – a vision where everyone wins!  When we treat people like the precious resources that they are, what can be accomplished is nothing less than remarkable!

 People aren’t stupid, as the saying goes – they understand when the person to whom they report is authentic, caring, and focused on “we,” and they’re always aware when their superior is phony, self-serving, and focused on “I.”  Subordinates may pay lip service, and they may perform their duties in a manner consistent with not getting fired, but they will never produce at high levels, and they will never give their best efforts. What a paradox – it’s almost as if there is a conscious effort on the part of many leaders to sabotage the very outcomes that they’re striving to create!

Today, I will ruthlessly exam the attitude that I have toward those under my leadership and authority. Am I treating them like precious resources or expendable commodities?

© John G. 2021

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